Monday, August 28, 2006


Why go to the meeting Carl?

ENDORSEMENT RECALLS LOBSTER HOUSE MEETING: Councilman Al Vann, who endorsed Freddy Ferrer for mayor in 2001, is backing Council Speaker Gifford Miller this time. But State Senator Carl Kruger and Councilman Lew Fidler are backing Ferrer.

Astute newspaper readers noticed that Fidler’s endorsement (leaked by the Ferrer campaign) showed up on page 2 of the New York Post while Kruger’s was buried on page 22. As someone cleverly noted, it’s not the first time Fidler and Kruger weren’t on the same page.

Kruger’s endorsement reminded us of his 2001 endorsement of Ferrer, which came after Kruger attended a controversial strategy session of the Mark Green campaign at Nick’s Lobster House in Sheepshead Bay. Though Kruger denies this, numerous sources have told us that it was Kruger who animatedly advised Green’s people to tie Ferrer to Al Sharpton in order to hurt Ferrer among white voters.

At that meeting, sources said, Green’s people rejected Kruger’s advice, prompting the senator to walk out and endorse Ferrer shortly thereafter. The irony is that the Green campaign ultimately took Kruger’s advice a step too far, anonymously producing an allegedly racist flier that included a Post cartoon of Ferrer kissing Sharpton’s behind.

Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes investigated, but never brought charges. The campaign may have broken campaign finance laws by not disclosing the expenditure for printing the flier or thousands of phone calls to white Brooklyn voters.

Kruger maintains it was Green’s people who suggested the Sharpton strategy. Kruger says he advised against it and left the meeting when Green’s people refused to drop the idea.

Brooklyn Politics by Erik Engquist
February 14, 2005

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